• EHR, Value Based Payment, Population Health Management

James Long Invited to Give Talk to Columbia University’s Biomedical Informatics Students

November 9, 2018

New York, NY --- With healthcare making forward progress into the age of digital transformation, data that is complete, reliable and accurate is vital for transparency in this information age. It is undeniable that the evolution in data, mobile and cloud technologies has disrupted the health care industry. This disruption has forced health care providers to shift away from the traditional fee for service model to one that’s customer centric, value-based reimbursement.

With digital disruption at hand, and where electronic health records have accelerated healthcare transformation, MDLand’s co-founder and Sr. Vice President, Mr. James Long was invited by Program Director, Virginia Lorenzi, on November 9, 2018 to speak on digital health innovation, Value-Based Payment (VBP)/incentive programs, and other emerging topics with students in the Certification of Professional Achievement in Health IT program. MDLand International is an ONC certified EHR vendor and shares the ambition to deliver better healthcare via innovation, playing an active role in healthcare transformation to create a positive impact on digital healthcare, while remaining compliant with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Columbia’s Biomedical Informatics is one of the oldest biomedical informatics departments in the world and includes focus on all computational aspects of health care, prevention, and public health as well as biology and medicine. The students are embedded in some of the most challenging informatics needs of our time: studying patients and populations to improve public health; advancing the deployment of information and computation in the healthcare realm; interpreting critical biological findings; and translating biological discoveries into clinical utility.

In addressing the next generation of health data experts, James delved into the outlook and direction that healthcare is headed, the opportunities, challenges and barriers of information technology to transform healthcare and improve the quality of patient care. Proceeding to demonstrate how MDLand’s products, iClinic EHR and VIPHealth, the physician friendly EHR and mobile app respectively, has everything a provider and their patients’ needs at their fingertips, from electronic billing, payment posting to a set of patient engagement tools that enables the provider to actively engage with their patient and improve overall patient satisfaction, while simultaneously catering to the needs of the patients, to view doctor's information, physical locations and book appointments, and view medical history and prescriptions to manage their health wherever they are.