• Population Health Management

MDLand Introduces iPopHealth for Value-Based Care Healthcare Organizations

In a stride towards advancing healthcare excellence, MDLand proudly introduces iPopHealth, a population health management platform. iPopHealth stands as a testament of MDLand's commitment to empowering healthcare organizations with cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions to deliver superior care. These solutions achieve improved outcomes and reduce costs while driving transformative change in the healthcare landscape, marking new innovation and progress. The platform boasts a range of comprehensive features designed to streamline patient data aggregation, address care gaps, and enhance overall care delivery:

1. Data Ingestion: iPopHealth seamlessly integrates patient data from diverse sources, providing comprehensive insights for care teams, aiding in effective quality care gap management and coordination.

2. Panel Management: Facilitate centralized care management with the ability to create panels based on filters, assignment to care team's members, and provide dedicated dashboards for streamlined patient outreach.

3. Care Coordination: Enhance patient engagement through personalized outreach workflows, ensuring efficient communication and follow-up until care gaps are closed.

4. Interoperability: iPopHealth can collect data from multiple payers to better identify patients’ needs

5. Population Health Data Insights: iPopHealth's organized dashboard provides valuable insights from payer data, enabling healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions tailored to the specific needs of their patient panels.

6. Care Gap Management: Identify patients qualified for specific quality measures, showing open and closed care gaps with a historical view and actionable insights for proactive and personalized interventions.

iPopHealth is tailored to meet the needs of healthcare organizations striving to improve patient engagement, operational efficiency, and overall health outcomes. Rendr, a prominent Managed Service Organization (MSO) based in New York City, successfully integrated iPopHealth into their iClinic® EHR platform. Long Thai, CIO of Rendr, emphasizes the platform's effectiveness in enhancing provider and patient satisfaction, while improving the efficiency of their patient interactions.

About MDLand: Established in 1999, MDLand is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive solutions to address the ever-evolving challenges in healthcare. Offering a range of cloud-based certified electronic health records, practice management systems, and population health platforms, MDLand continues to streamline processes, ensure compliance, and improve overall health outcomes for healthcare practices and organizations.

For more information on iPopHealth and MDLand's innovative solutions, please visit https://www.mdland.com/population_health.