MDLand Improves eFax Service Options to Send and Receive Faxes in iClinic

MDLand is excited to announce a new eFax vendor switch effective October 1, 2022. This change will provide a reliable, fast, and compliant way to fax that improves efficiency and functionality via the new cloud-based, high-performance, and HIPAA-compliant eFax service. MDLand remains committed to delivering quality value-added solutions to physician practices by bringing new and improved products and services. The new eFax vendor will improve reliability, efficiency and enable the scalability and support of support of MDLand’s innovative enterprise solutions to achieve sustainable impact and compliance. This change will consist of migrating to a cloud-based, high-performance integrated fax service to streamline communication and documentation management workflow. In addition to outbound services, MDLand now offers inbound fax services. For inbound services, the clinic’s current fax number can be transferred over by filling out a form. MDLand thanks its customers for ongoing support and trusts that these changes will help continue providing improved quality and service. For any questions or help with enrollment, contact 212-363-8000 or